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MATSUZAKI DOLL Kimekomi Rinoceros Flower

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From its location in Tokyo's Adachi Ward, Matsuzaki Doll mostly produces dolls for the seasonal festivals of Japan under the Koikko brand of Edo sekku dolls (or ishogi dolls) and Edo kimekomi dolls, a traditional craft. 

Edo kimekomi dolls, have a wooden body made from toso clay, which is formed from kneaded and dried paulownia sawdust. Grooves are cut into this body, into which the ends of cloth forming the costume are tightly tucked. The work of tucking the cloth into the grooves is called “kimekomi”, and the doll was then named the same after this special process since then. 

Kimekomi dolls was originated at Kamigamo Shrine in Kyoto about 270 years ago. These dolls were made from the blessed wood of the shrine's willow trees. Word of this craft was spread to Edo some time after, which has led to the development of Edo kimekomi dolls that gathered a widespread popularity in the capital. 

  • Dimension: about 20x8x11cm
  • Box Size:24x14x13.5cm

Made in Tokyo, Japan