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Masahiro Okinawa Gin

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Six types of plants are used to produce Japanese gin Masahiro, plants with tropical flavors like Goyavier, Roselle (Guinea hibiscus), Goya, Okinawa cucumber, Shekwasa, the most prevalent citrus on the archipelago, and the pipatsu, a pepper long from the islands.

The elaboration is the result of adaptation of European methods of producing gin to the traditional manufacture of awamori. Indeed, the latter is always obtained by a simple distillation in a single iron still in the Okinawa region. After maceration, the distillation is then carried out in a column still. An original method of production, which could be called a hybrid.

In the end, soft fruity notes mix with spices, in a gin that subtly reveals the warm and rustic background of traditional awamori. An exquisite, thin and lively unique gin.

Volume: 700ml
Alcohol: 47%
Brewery: Masahiro Shuzo
Origin: Okinawa Prefecture