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MAKANAI Washi Body Scrub Towel Pink

€20,00 EUR

This towel is woven from cotton and strings of natural washi paper pulp, which are naturally soft and durable, providing a gentle and pleasant after-wash touching experience, unique to the Japanese bathing culture.

Just like other cloth towel scrubs, this towel is also designed to be used, washed and reused for many times over.

This body scrub towel has been awarded Gold in the 2014 Omotenashi Selection. This award is a program dedicated to discovering the unique design, screening and awarding exciting products and services that epitomize the concept of omotenashi.

Dual textured design: The textured surface exfoliates, deep cleansed the renews skin while the soft surface can be used for a gentle cleaning

This towel also lathers well with soap, and soap residue can be washed off by this towel scrub easily.

Dimensions: 30x100 cm
Place of origin: Japan
Durability: 1 year
Can be washed at 60°c


For the first few times of use, the new towel scrub may be a little bit stiff, but it will become soft after a few washes.