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MAKANAI Shirosube Skin Brighter Lotion

€36,00 EUR

One of the best-kept secrets from Makanai, this signature skin lotion is a creation from a carefully selected list of natural ingredients.

Ancient botanical ingredients such as mulberry bark, licorice extract, perilla and job’s tears are carefully selected and blended into this high quality, natural skin lotion.

This lotion is best to be used after washing your face thoroughly, it could penetrates deep into your pores and hydrates your skin. Unlike most toners unfamiliar to the Japanese beauty regime that are believed to over-cleanse your pores and strip away natural oils, this Skin Lotion is packed with active ingredients to purify, balance and protect your skin from the bright sun for a porcelain-like skin.


How to use:

  • Pour an appropriate amount onto your palms or a soft cotton pad.
  • Gently pat onto your skin until the lotion