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MAKANAI Mandarine Herbal Bath Soaks

€14,00 EUR

The mikan relieves rheumatism, nerve pain and muscle stiffness, among other things.

Create your own healing space at home with our luxurious series of natural and fragrant bath soaks.

  • Color: pale orange
  • Scent: mandarin
  • Size: 120 x 95mm
  • Content: 2 bags
How to use: 
  • Insert the bath soak bag into a bathtub filled with water
  • Let it steep for several minutes
  • & Enjoy your bath
Our bath soaks can also be used for foot or hand baths. After use, you can recycle the herb bag by drying it and placing it in the wardrobe, under your pillow, in the car or inside your shoes as a deodorizer. 
  • Tangerine peel, Coriander, chamomile, orange oil, riboflavin