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KOBAKO Nail File Oval N.1 (Oval)

€15,00 EUR

It's difficult to achieve the same nail design for all 10 fingers. Add to that, you cannot spend a longtime for nail care in your busy schedule. That's why we took a hint from the techniques used by pros to develop these triangular stick-shaped nail files.

The original designed nail files developed with the filing technique of nail technicians.

Put the tip and the pad of your finger on the file and move it left and right. So that you can keep the file angle to the nails constant and evenly shape all the nails.

This type keeps 20°and make oval nails with a feminine and gentle impression. There are 3 levels of roughness. 1 is coarse which is suitable for gel nails and thick nails.

Size: 120mm
Material: ABS, ceramic polishing agent
Place of origin: Japan

How to use:

  • Slide your finger left and right to file it down, and then slide in the same direction three times in a row to finish your nails.
  • Finish by moving in a constant direction a couple of times.