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KOBAKO Eyelash Curler (Center Curl)

€14,00 EUR

The center curl type eyelash curl has a mountain shape, for giving extra curl to the center of the eyelash. The mountain-like curve grips the center of the eyelash until the end, especially emphasizing the curl of the end of the eyelash center. 

It uses grooved rubber for easy gripping, allowing you to curl your eyelashes with very little force. Use it for a bright-eyed, cute look.

Cute eyelash curling, emphasizing the center of the lash.

How to use:
Use before applying mascara or false eyelashes.
  1. Raise the lift lever on the back of the curler.
  2. With your eye open, apply the curler to the eyelid at a 45 degree angle.
  3. Use the flat surface at the center of the frame line to lift the eyelid, catching the eyelash at its base.
  4. Press the lever down, gripping the entire eyelash.
  5. Bring the curler slowly forward, from the base of the eyelash to its tip, lightly squeezing and lifting.