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KITPAS Dustless Chalk Variety Color

€9,00 EUR

This set comes with 6 easy-to-use and dustless chalks for your kids. The chalks are made mainly from calcium carbonate which is also used for toothpaste. The adaptation of heavier particles prevents its powder to fly apart to mess your room or clothes. The homogeneously-mixed particles allows a clear writing without smear or graze.

The chalks are also made to have a softer and smoother touch, suitable for a longer time use without feeling tired. Furthermore, the coated body layers also keep your hand clean after each usage !

Kitpas have been producing Dustless Chalk and kids products for 80 years. Every single day, each of their employees works very hard to improve and make a difference. To respond their effort the company also makes utmost effort to realize joy of work for the employees. 

In Japan, the dustless Chalk is selected as compliant item for the Law on Promoting Green Purchasing. All Kitpas Dustless Chalk products have been made using scallop seashells since 1 August 2005.

Color: Violet/Blue/Green/Pink/Yellow/White