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Ichimi Hottest Chili Pepper Seasoning

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Size:10 gram Refill
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Ichimi Hottest Chili Pepper Seasoning

10 gram Refill


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  • Naturally orange in colour and one of the tastiest and hottest chilli peppers in Japan
  • The initial taste is almost sweet, followed by a very hot spiciness that doesn't linger so you can really taste everything that you are eating
  • Wonderful seasonings for both western and Japanese food. Delicious addition to your meats, fish, soups, etc

This Chilli pepper has been grown in the Konan area of Shiga prefecture for more than 150 years. This chilli pepper is cute in appearance, but its spiciness is twice that of ordinary Japanese chilli, and it is said to be 100,000 scoville, which is equivalent to the hottest chilli in Japan in terms of scoville value. The thick red pepper is carefully dried over time and crushed into powder. 

It is extremely hot but has a clean sharp spiciness that doesn't linger in like with other chilis, a spice enhancer that will compliment any dish.

We met the owner at a food show because we were attracted to his bright orange chillis. He told us that he found out that his this has been his favourite chilli since childhood and was very upset when he learned that it was no longer being famed because it is difficult to grow. From that moment, he quit his job and decided to begin growing these peppers.

This Yuzu kosho is an additive-free and non-coloured product made only from Yuzu peels from Shiga prefecture, Yahei peppers, and crude salt.

Thick yellow pepper is carefully dried over time and crushed.

Remarks: Due to custom restrictions on food related items, this product is currently unavailable for clients living in United States and Russia.