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JUTTOKU Fan Inko Incense

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Bamboo shape signification: A sign of "growth" and "good luck"

It is an incense that entrusted "bamboo" considered to be a sign of "growth" and "good luck" to the design.

"Bamboo" is a symbol of growth because it grows smoothly toward the heavens and is fast growing. In addition, it is considered to be a symbol of "good luck" that you can work tirelessly toward your goal, because you will endure windy snow and grow high with strength and flexibility.

May the fortunes entrusted to the design come in so that you will be invited to the scent of the incense that is soft and scorching.

Production area: Hyogo Prefecture Awaji Island (Made in JAPAN)
Main raw material: Indian white egret, cinnamon, natural dragon brain, tab powder
Size of the incense: 4cm
Box size: 54 x 54 x 30mm

Instructions And Directions For Use:
  • This product has a natural scent of incense without using a fire like incense. Put it on a small plate, place it in a room or at the bedside, and enjoy the scent.
  • This product can be enjoyed as well as regular incense. In that case, please divide it into a size that can be easily ignited and use it with a scent holder. Please be careful about the cause of the fire.
  • Please be careful when handling fire
  • Please use a non-flammable incense stand
  • Make sure to keep our of children’s reach
  • Please do not use this for anything other than its original use
  • To keep its quality, avoid high temperatures and humidity for storage