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TIME & STYLE Ju-bako Box Square Small

€50,00 EUR


Boxes have held a special place within the Japanese traditional culture for centuries. From the bento lunch boxes to New Years gift boxes, each type has its own traditional use. Nowadays a lot of these boxes are lacquerware. However, our weighty porcelain ju-bako are a new take on this tradition. They can be used to preserve food, or as a serving bowl at the table.

This box-shaped tiered container is one of Japan's traditional kinds of tableware. They have been used for packing food for New Years Day and for such formal occasions as dinner parties with many guests. The multi-tiered boxes come in 2 sizes for you to use with a variety of cuisine and settings, with an easy-to-use design of plain white and various pattern of INBAN.

  • Material: Porcelain
  • Small Box Dimensions: W8.5 × D8.5 × H4.3 (cm)
  • Medium Box Dimensions: W13 x D13 x H5.3 (cm)

Care Instructions:
Dishwasher and Microwave Safe. 
Oven and Freezer Unsafe.

Place of Origin: Nagasaki, Japan