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IPPOEN Matcha Organic

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The tea farmer of this product started to cultivate this organic matcha since almost 40 years ago, when there was no one really cared about the importance of organic food.

These teas are grounded with a stone mill, in order to obtain the best quality matcha. And unlike this process, most of the matcha in the market are grounded with a rough machine, which simplifs the grinding process, and it doesn't give the same taste, scent and quality to the final product.

This product is great for making/baking matcha sweets such as green tea cakes, tiramisu, and ice creams etc. It is also good to drink it as green tea latté when adding the milk, and also a lilttle honey for an additional sweet taste.

The suggested accompany tool:

Mug and tea spoon.
- unlike the other matcha, this one is not recommended to drink in the way of Ousu (aka おうす: the tea ceremony style), which means that the bamboo whisks and matcha bowl are not required for this tea

How to enjoy:

1) Put 2g of matcha in a mug, pour 200ml of water or milk and then stir well.

2) it can be served either hot or cold. But even when served cold, it is still better to mix it with a small amount of hot water first for a better mixing, then you can add cold water or ice cubes to chill it down.


Please store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight (Both before and after opening). It is best to consume it soon after opening. Otherwise, you could put it in a ziplock bag and store in the freezer.

Weight of pack: 100g