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HINOKI LAB Aroma sachets hinoki wood

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Hinoki potpourri for happiness

Aroma sachet with hinoki wood flakes and finest hinoki essential oils. for closet, interior, or simply keep next to the pillow for deodorant and relaxing rituals.

Carefully selected sustainably harvested hinoki timbers are used for our essential oils. The spicy and woody scent relaxes you deeply.

How to use
Open the sachet bag and soak the wood chips with "hinoki essential oil" before use.

  • For relaxation: For rooms and entrances. Relax with the scent of high-quality cypress.
  • As a deodorant: In places where you are concerned about the smell of your room. Hang it on a hanger and put it in a closet.
  • For a change of mood when studying or working: Place it in a corner of your desk or in your car to refresh your mood. 


Hinoki is a species of cypress native to Japan. For centuries Hinoki has been praised for countless and precious uses: from the building of ancient Japanese temples and shrines to its therapeutic aroma. Hinoki is often compared to a Japanese forest bathing experience, Shinrin-yoku.

The aromansists of phytoncides, substances emitted by plants and trees, help the body feel pure and natural relaxation, just like a experience in the forest.

Contents: Wood chips 5g, Hinoki essential oil 1ml
Ingredient: Hinoki and cypress oil from Okayama prefecture