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HIGHTIDE Hourglass L (15 Minutes)

€28,00 EUR

Clear / Black Sand
Amber / white Sand
Blue / White Sand
Green / White Sand

It is a sandglass with a simple form in glass. L size can be measured for 15 minutes. With its beautiful modeling and the presence, it could be good to use for decorating a book shelf in the study room, the free space near the window side, and also the counter in the kitchen etc.

Time can not be seen in the form, but through the sandglass, it could be well traced to molucles ! It is an interior object which seems to remind us the importance of time, even in the busy days.

  • Ref: DB038
  • Dimension: diameter 7.5 × height 13.8 (cm)
  • Length: 15 minutes
  • Material: Sand & Glass