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HIBI 10 minutes Aroma Japanese CYPRESS Regular box

€10,50 EUR

Japanese Cypress

Natural “aroma” for 10 minutes every day.
Light this aroma, which is in the form of match, by simply striking it. And then, you could entrust yourself to its natural fragrance rising in the air. This Hibi series of aroma is an incense stick you can light easily without a lighting device. The incense from the Awaji Island and matches from Harima. This new generation aroma was born from the encounter of two of Hyogo prefecture’s famed traditional crafts !

Content: 8 sticks / with exclusive mat

Product package size : H57 x W56 x D9mm

About Japanese Cypress:
A fragrance of trees enveloping your mind with a nostalgic serenity. Ideal for soothing a restless mind and getting back clear thoughts.