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HAYASHIDA RICE Brown Rice 500g

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Hayashida's organic pesticide-free rice grown in abundant water and delicious air in the Kuma region of Kumamoto prefecture, located upstream of the Kuma River, one of Japan's three major rapids.

Yoshinari Hayashida, the producer of this rice, was born and raised in this area. After retirement, he started making organic rice in earnest.

Organic pesticide-free brown rice « Nicomaru" is  rice that Mr. Hayashida worked on by himself from seedling production to rice planting, rice harvesting, and threshing.

The characteristic of this Nicomaru variety is that it has a chewy texture and a strong stickiness with umami and sweetness, and it is a taste that you can fully enjoy with just rice. It's delicious even after it's cold, so it's perfect for lunch boxes and onigiri rice balls.

The name comes from the deliciousness of the smile (nico-nico) that spills over, and the roundness of the grain.