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Bows & Arrows Face Cleansing Set (4 items)

€55,00 EUR

This special face cleansing set brings you 4 of our favorite face care accessories, from our most popular brand collections in the store !

This gift set includes:

- MAKANAI Konjac Sponge & Bowl Set x 1
- MAKANAI Etiquette Mirror x 1
- NAWRAP Organic Face Towel (35x35cm) x 1
- TAMANOHADA Natural Ball Soap "Musk" (125g) x 1 
- B&A Gift Bag Packing x 1

The konjac sponge &  bowl is a set with a bowl, ideal to preserve your konjac sponge of humidity and dust. Japanese konjac sponge is well known for its softness, comfort at use, naturally anti-bacterial and could be also used without soap. It is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive such as atopic skin, eczema prone skin and baby skin!

The small portable Makanai mirror in the set, which could help us to accurately reveal the smallest imperfections on your skin. It is ideal for make-up fittings but also for checks at the end of the meal. Each mirror comes also with a different traditional Japanese pattern made with the traditional Japanese kimono fabrics !

The Nawrap face towel has adapted a simple design that features the natural color of the organic cotton itself. It has an excellent water absorption and quick-drying, and feels soft whenever you wash. As it is gentle on the skin without fuzzing, babies and sensitive skin can use it with peace of mind !

The Tamanohada soap is made from entirely plant based material. And thanks to its round shape, it could be easily rolled aroud in your hand and gives you a pleasant feeling. This soap is also excellent at moisturizing, cleaning and lathering during bath. It is well considered and designed to have a stable form, and does not oxidize easily.

Place of origin: Japan