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ENOURA NORI Spicy Cod Roe Seaweed Furikake

€7,50 EUR

"Mentaiko Norikake" from  Enoura Nori with Ariake's grilled seaweed and Hakata's Mentaiko. The aroma of seaweed and the umami of mentaiko stand out.

Packing size: 75*75*150mm
Volume: 30g

Ingredients: Dried seaweed (from Ariake Sea), sesame, sugar (lactose, sugar), glutinous rice, glutinous rice, salt, ovary of salmon roe, corn starch, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), seafood extract, powdered soy sauce, dextrin, mentaiko powder, chili pepper / Colorants (red malt, caramel color), fragrances, antioxidants (vitamins V and C), (including some of the ingredients such as milk, wheat, soybeans, sesame, shrimp, mackerel, salmon)