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ENOURA NORI Pickled Plum Seaweed Furikake

€7,50 EUR

A delicious balance of dried seaweed and domestic plum dry food. The Enoura Nori furikake is delicious, but it's also a delicious dish with plenty of ochazuke and nori melted.

Size: 89 x 45 x 145mm
Volume: 35g

Ingredients: Dried seaweed (from Ariake Sea), sesame, glutinous rice, glutinous rice, sugars (lactose, sugar, glucose), salt, plums, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), corn starch, seafood extract, wheat, powdered soy sauce, / acidulant, colorant ( Red malt, carotenoid, caramel pigment), fragrance, (including some milk, wheat, soybean, sesame, shrimp, mackerel, salmon)