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DAIMONYA DARUMA 12cm Red for "Luck & Good Fortune"

€20,00 EUR

The Daruma doll is a centuries-old Japanese traditional wishing doll that helps people to achieve their dreams and goals. Millions of people in Japan regard it as a talisman of good luck and perseverance, making it a poplar gift of encouragement.

How to use: Make a wish or goal. With that in mind, draw an eye on the left eye and keep the doll. When your goal is achieved, draw the other eye.

Colours & their meanings:

Although typically red, the Daruma doll comes in various colours and sizes. In general, this interpretation of colours has become the standard:

Red: Luck & Good Fortune
Blue & Turquoise: Work & School Accomplishment
Purple & Green: Health & Longevity
Yellow: Security & Protection
Gold: Wealth & Prosperity
White: Love & Harmony
Pink: Love
Black: Success in Business

Place of origin: 
Hand-made & hand painted in Takasaki, Japan

Please notice that there is a difference in the shape between the 4.5 cm that are more round and the 9cm and 12 cm that have a base.