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DAITOKU SOY Organic Yuzu Ponzu

€11,00 EUR

This organic yuzu ponzu is made from pure natural Japanese ingredients such as organic soy sauce, organic yuzu from Tokushima, and organic rice vinegar.

No chemical seasonings, preservatives or extracts are used in the production. This sauce features a gentle taste of ponzu vinegar, with a exceptional refreshing scent of yuzu.

Both vinegar and soy sauce have the power to eliminate strong fishy odors, and this organic rice vinegar could effectively suppress also the excessive salt intake for our body.

Ponzu is a common type of easy-to-use sauce in the Japanese cuisine, to accompany salads, to be used as a base for handmade dressings, and to enhance the taste also for cooked meat and fish !

Ingredients: Organic soy sauce (organic soybeans, organic wheat, salt), organic rice vinegar, organic yuzu juice, organic brewed seasonings, organic sugar, bonito flakes, salt