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DAITOKU SOY Organic Sansho Pepper Non Oil Dressing

€12,00 EUR

The organic non-oil dressing "Sansho" is based on "Japanese organic soy sauce" from Daitoku soy sauce and "Sansho" made in Yabu city in Hyōgo Prefecture, with organic onions and other seasonings also additive-free made in Japan. 

"Asakura Sansho", which has been cultivated for a long time around Yabu City, the birthplace of Asakura Sansho, is characterized by its large size, low astringency and mellow scent.

Sansho has been used as a spice for a long time, and it is also used for medicinal purposes in Chinese medicine.
The pungent ingredient is sanshool, which stimulates the cerebrum and activates the functions of internal organs, so it is said to be effective for stomachic effects such as indigestion.

The flavor of natural soy sauce is preserved and the spiciness of Sansho is intentionally suppressed so that people who are not good at the spiciness of Sansho and children can enjoy it.

Ingredients: Organic onion, sansho, organic soy sauce (organic soybean, organic wheat), organic rice vinegar, organic sugar, salt, dried bonito