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DAITOKU SOY Light colored Marudaizu soy sauce 500 ml

€8,50 EUR

Light-colored soy sauce that is familiar in western Japan.
It is used in dishes where you want to make the most of the colors of the ingredients. It has a high salt content and the taste is determined by a small amount, so it does not kill the taste of the ingredients.

Made from only these three ingredients: whole soybeans, wheat, and flat kettle salt all made in Japan.
Whole soybeans are mainly harvested in Hyogo prefecture, wheat is harvested in Tajima,
The salt used is Sakitojima's Hiragama salt "Nippon no Umi Shio(Japanese sea salt)".
100% of rare Japanese soybeans, which are used in less than 3% of all soy sauce in circulation, are used, and there is no concern about post-harvest contamination or genetic modification.

A traditional taste created by a long-established soy sauce maker over time.

For seasoning all kinds of food, including Japanese, Western, Chinese, and Italian.
It's delicious because it's a whole soy sauce that uses safe soybeans from Japan as it is!
Using good salt is also a condition for delicious soy sauce.
Sakitojima's Hirakama salt "Nippon no Umi salt" has a good balance of minerals (nigari component) and makes the taste mellow.

Made by natural brewing and long-term aging without adding any chemical seasonings or synthetic preservatives.

Please try delicious soy sauce that brings out the "ingredient power" in the dishes of fresh vegetables, fish and meat.

* No genetically modified ingredients are used.

Ingredients: soybeans, wheat, salt
Contents: 500ml