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AZMAYA Deep Aluminum Tray

€195,00 EUR

"Put the used dishes and glasses in layers and carry them". The craftsman copied a practical and tough tray used in Italian style. The form is very simple or every day use, making it possible to use without any worry about things falling off the tray.

Aluminum is highly processable and used for various products because it is lightweight and low in corrosiveness, so it is excellent in terms of ease of handling as a product used routinely at home or for businesses.

The process to make a beautiful rise from one sheet is made by a skilled craftsman called spatula. Because the edges are higher than ordinary Obon, you can carry glasses filled with water or bowls and bowls filled with liquid ones with confidence.

After using, you can keep beauty just by wiping quickly. Please avoid the use of steel scrub and cleanser etc.
  • Dimensions: φ335 x H48
  • Material: Aluminum
Place of origin: Arakawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan