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CRAFT DESIGN TECHNOLOGY Tape Dispenser Light Brown

€163,00 EUR

This tape dispenser was designed and made for the celerbration of the 10 years anniversary of the brand. This exquisitely fine-crafted piece, presents various contrasting elements, with a flowing transition from curves to edges. The well polished, pure wood body elicits a warm ambience, and the metal roller part has well added a sharp feel to the product.

The main body is made from beech wood, originated in Japan. The Beech wood is a fine material that combines strength and flexibility. This wood material is extremely rare and its market volume also started to diminish. The manufacturer worked with the wood craftsman OAK VILLAGE, based in Takayama City, Japan, for this series. They have carefully selected and procured the best quality material from the beech trees harvested, while also well maintaining the woodlands for sustainabilty. Therefore, the purchases of this beech-wood tape dispenser will also benefit the revitalization of woodland ecology.

The revolutionary fine-toothed cutter is produced by Nichiban, and it cuts the tape in a straight line, while requiring only a little force to be applied. This is a fusion of the highly-precise and eco-friendly design of OAK VILLAGE and the technology of Nichiban.

Manufactured by OAK VILLAGE in Japan