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YOU YOU ANG Incense Gift Box "Moon"

€22,00 EUR

This  incense set with a customised paulownia wooden box gift packing from Japan. The set includes also a ceramic stand for the sticks.

This incense series  scent expresses the seasonal sensations of "snow," "moon," and "flower."

Moon: A mellow, gentle, moon-inspired scent

Wooden box size: 75x138x22mm
Incense stick: 7cm
Incense stand: 23x40x7mm

YOU YOU ANG's incense is all made in Japan with the concept of "Wabi","Sabi" and "Iki" that only Japanese culture has. They selected traditional Japanese paper, Japanese flowers, trees, and various signature fragrant wood in Japan for the making of their incenses, and they value a lot also the detailed texture of the incense, created from the effort and the taste of the design team.