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Bows & Arrows Sencha Tea Set (3 items)

€235,00 EUR

This gift set brings tea lovers our signature sencha, and also the best hand made tea accessories from Japan !

This gift set includes:

- Azmaya Tea Utensil Canister M Tin Plated / size: Dia. 80mm x 95mm
- Azmaya Tea scoop / size: W44×H90×H13mm
- Seichajo Yamashina Yame No Tsuyu Sencha / 100g

The canister is beautifully hand made by skilled craftsman, Osamu Saruyama, in Japan. It is made from copper, and applied with a signature Japanese tin plated finishing technic. It is a beautiful object for tea storage at home. And this canister is also designed to have a perfect two-layer closure structure, to help keeping the tea air tight and fresh as always !

The tea scoop is made and designed by the same craftsman as the tea canisters in the set. The scoop is made from copper, with also a tin plated finishing at the end of the crafting process. It is light with the angle made especailly for easy use, and to collect the right portion and amount of tea leaves in.

The selected sencha in this set is from Yame, a luxury tea village in Fukuoka prefecture in Japan. It is a type of Japanese ryokucha (green tea) which is prepared by infusing the processed whole tea leaves in hot water. Unlike macha (Powder) which is more ceremonial. Sencha is the most popular tea type in Japan, and it is perfect for anytime in the day, and can be prepared more quickly as well. We could enjoy sencha in both hot and cold !

How to prepare this sencha properly:

Water temperature: 80°C - Infusion: 40 seconds. 4 g (for 1 person) for 25 cl of water