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Bows & Arrows Sola Cube Set (4 items)

€205,00 EUR

This gift set contains two of our favorite hand-made Sola cube models in the collection, the Chinese lantern and dandelion flower.

Together from their botanical essence, they grant the best wish for path illumination to full freedom !

This gift set includes: 

- Sola Cube Dandelion Large x 1 / 5x5x5cm
- Sola Cube Chinese Lantern Large x 1 / 5x5x5cm
- Sola Cube Stand brown x 1 / suitable for both 4cm and 5cm cube
- Sola Cube Stand white x 1 / suitable for both 4cm and 5cm cube
- B&A gift packing x 1

About dandelion cube:

The fresh dandelion was collected and preserved inside acrylic cube by the skilled craftsman. Its fluffy round ball is a high performing parachute. When rains, the parachute ball will close like an umbrella, and when it dries, it will reopen and fly up to the sky.

Botanical essence: live with the wind

About Chinese lantern cube:

The shape and color of this fruit resemble a Chinese lantern. During the Bon Festival in Japan, streets and homes are decorated with them as signposts for ancestral spirits to find their way back.

The root has been used as a traditional Chinese Medicine since ancient times. The dried fruit’s delicate, skeletal veins are sealed in time.

Botanical essence: illuminate your path

Materials: acrylic resin / dried flowers
Place of origin: Japan


Each plant is unique, might come with a variation in shape and colors