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Bows & Arrows Organic Body Towel Set (3 items)

€75,00 EUR

This gift set contains 3 of our most popular body towels in the Nawrap organic cotton towel series, to bring you an exceptional soft and cozy touching experience !

Nawap organic towels are made of 100% organic cotton, and are ideal for sensitive skins. The cotton is naturally colored and uses no agricultural chemicals or defoliants. This organic line of textiles will become even more soft with continued use and washing. This series of towels also features a traditional Japanese weaving technique, and to give the final towel a signature design with multi-layered fabrics.

This gift set includes:

- Nawrap Organic Bath Towel, color brown x 1 / 26 x 51cm
- Nawrap Organic Face Towel, color ivory x 1 / 35 x 35cm
- Nawrap Organic Mini Towel, color ivory & brown x 1 / 25 x 25 cm
- B&A gift packing x 1

The organic bath towel is credibly absorbent, air permeable, and also quick to dry. It is very soft, and as it is made from natural organic cotton, this baht towel can be used also as a baby blanket !

The organic face towel has adapted a simple design, that features the pure natural color of the organic cotton itself. Thanks to the 4 layered weaving design, this face towel has also a quite good water absorption and quick-drying capabilty. The towel will become even more soft, when it is soaked with water. As it is gentle on the skin without fuzzing, babies and sensitive skin can use it with peach of mind also !

The mini towel is the smaller variation of the organic face towel, and it features also a 4 layered weaving design, quick to dry, and good to use for babies and sensitive skins !