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Bows & Arrows Japanese Incense Set (5 items)

€45,00 EUR

This new gift set contains 5 of our favorite and signature Japanese fragrances in our new incense collection from Japan: cherry blossom, Japanese cypress, white sandalwood, aloeswood(沈香), and agarwood (伽羅).

This set includes:

- Youyouang Glass Tube Incense "Cherry Blossom" x 1
- Youyouang Glass Tube Incense "Japanese Cypress" x 1
- Youyouang Glass Tube Incense "white sandalwood" x 1
- Youyouang Glass Tube Incense "Agarwood沈香" x 1
- Youyouang Glass Tube Incense "Aloeswood伽羅 " x 1
- B&A Gift Packing

The incense Youyouang are crafted using distilled oils and samples manufactured from natural sources. The founder of the brand, Yoshida, has designed all the scents together with the other six women in the team.

Every detail is considered in the selection of the ingredients themselves, and great care is taken to ensure the incense burns at a measured pace; also, that the ashes the incense creates are just the right color and fall within 10 millimeters to make sure that they cluster neatly, and are easy to clean up afterward !

The image and design of each aspect of the packaging is meticulously crafted and finished by hand, to make certain that before the customer even experiences the bouquets, the company's image and brand philosophy is communicated to them aesthetically.

The five of our selected fragrances in this set, are listed under the prayer incense series in the collection, which uses signature traditional Japanese flowers, wood, and aromas that are associated with meditation and spiritual reflection !

Place of origin: Japan