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Bows & Arrows Butter Case and Knife Set (2 items)

€210,00 EUR

This special Japanese kitchen set contains a beautifully hand-made butter knife and cherry wooden butter case from Japan. It brings a craftsmanship vibe, and smooth cooking and dining exprience on your table !

This gift set includes:

- Azmaya Cherry Wood Butter Case for full tube 200g, W142xD94xD52mm x 1
- Azmaya Butter Knife, L175 x W15 x D6mm x 1
- B&A Gift Packing

The butter case is hand made from cherry wood, and it is designed to hold full block of butter with 200g tube size. The case is made from solid cherry wood with flexibility and warmth. Both the outside and the inside of the case are carefully finished with walnut oil, and as you continue to use the case for butter, the surface of the case will gain an unique and beautiful gloss layer over time as the product ages !

The butter knife is made of sharp stainless steel. The blade is thin, which could ensure the cutted butter would be always smooth. The brass pattern changes its color and texture as you use it continously, giving it a richer and precious vintage look.

Place of origin:
Toyama (Butter knife) & Ishikawa (butter case), Japan