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Bows & Arrows Anti-aging Face Care Set (4 items)

€165,00 EUR

This special anti-aging Japanese cosmetic set offers 4 of our most loved face care products, from a natural Japanese face care collection, called Ruhaku. From make-up and face cleansing to the final day cream, this set provide a thorough moisturizing and anti-aging treatment for your facial skin with care !

This gift set includes:

- Ruhaku Reset Cleansing Oil, 100ml  x 1
- Ruhaku Clear Moist Lotion, 100ml  x 1
- Ruhaku Cycle Repair Oil, 17ml x 1
- Ruhaku Moist Charge Cream, 30g x 1
- B&A Gift Bag Packing

The cleansing oil removes make-up and impurities as excess sebum, without damaging the natural protection of your skin. Besides, it recover effectively the thick extra layer of the dead skin cells, which was resulted from the disruption of the skin cycle. This is often caused by an too much exposure to ultraviolet rays, and which would lead into fast skin aging.

This clear moist lotion moisturizes the skin while softly removing cleansing agents and remaining makeup that cause dry and rough skin. Pure skin that has no stains improves the penetration of beauty oil.

The cycle repair oil that leads to firm and elastic skin by adjusting the skin cycle that is likely to be irregular as getting old, and supporting the skin that is damaged by UV radiation.

People who live in a dry environment and in which the water is hard tend to have lower secretory capacity of sebum, and the cuticles are likely to be thick. This moisture cream in the set was built to make such skins soft and elastic again ! 

Feature: for all skin type
Place of origin: Okinawa, Japan