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B&A Scented Candle Set (3 items)

€83,00 EUR

This new B&A original gift set, introduces 3 packs of our beloved scented candles from Japan. This special series of scented candles are hand made into an unique card shape, which makes thems them really easy to carry, and then together with their carefully selected Japanese frangrances, you could light the candle up and have a relaxing and pleasant moment where ever you go !

This gift set includes:

- Kurashiki Scented Card Candle Kit "Cassis Leaves", with a brass stand, 28x20x100mm * 1
- Kurashiki Scented Card Candle Refill "Fresh Floral", 28x20x85mm * 1
- Kurashiki Scented Card Candle Refill "Fresh Green", 28x20x85mm * 1
- Bows & Arrows Gift Bag Packing

This scented candle is like a stick of traditional gum. You only need one slice of a card candle for the refreshing of your mind in a busy day. Light the candle for a short time and blow it out to enjoy the smell. 

The card candle kit comes with 5 slices of card candles, and joined with already a customized hand made brass stand for this special card form.

The card candle refill pack include also 5 slices of card candles, and since they don't come with any additional stand, please keep the same brass stand from the candle kit for these candles as well !

Card candle size: L18 × W3 x H70mm
Burning time per card : 30min

Place of origin:
Hand made in Kurashiki, Japan

About the selected 3 fragrances:

Fresh Floral: this is an elegant juicy floral fragrance made of rose and jasmine base with a hint of fresh citrus and sweet sour plum.

Fresh Green: this is a fresh and sharp intellectual fragrance made of tea, geranium and palmarosa.

Cassis Leaves: this is a fruity green floral fragrance made of fresh sweet rose with cassis leaf as an accent.