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B&A Notebook and Memo Set (3 items)

€40,00 EUR

This original gift set introduces one of our best-selling notebook, made from high-quality "foolscap paper" in Japan, a memo with gift packing from the same series, plus a high-quality, stylish stick pen to provide the best writing experience, while wiring on this type of paper.

This set includes:

- Kunisawa Find Slim Note A5, color Snow White x 1
- Kunisawa Find Sticky Memo, gift packing, A7 x 1
- CDT Energel Tradio Gel Pen, W14xD1.2xH1.7cm, nib: 0.5mm x 1
- Bows & Arrows original gift bag packing x 1

The Find Slim Notebook This series of notebooks are specially made with “foolscap paper”, this paper type is not made for printing, but to be used essentially to make paper with very high quality. These papers are also dedicated to users who seek an exceptional and smooth writing experience. An extra effort was input in the making of these papers, as its manufacturing process of spreading and drying, naturally involves more human craftsmanship than other paper/notebooks, which are considered to be also high quality.

The applying of gilt-edge foiling onto this notebook series, not only increases the luxury feel, it also makes these notebooks exceptionally long-lasting. The paper with gilt-edge finishing will easily last for years with no signs of discoloration or shrinkage!

The Sticky Memo also features luxurious foolscap notepaper with ultimate writing touch. Perfect to be offered as a gift, or to inspire brilliant ideas ! This model comes also with already an individual gift packing.

The EnerGel Tradio is a stylish, and new stick gel pen that offers a super-smooth writing experience. The high performance ink technology combines the best qualities of liquid and gel ink, and together with the 0.5mm nib size, it provides a smooth and exceptional experience for the users !