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B&A Japanese Whisky Set (2 items)

€95,00 EUR

This dedicated Japanese whisky set is specially made for the celebration of Father's Day in June, and the set includes:

- NIKKA Whisky From the Barrel 50cl, Alc. 51% x 1
- NIKKA Whisky Coffey Grain 70cl, Alc. 45% x 1
- Bows & Arrows original gift bag packing x 1



The Nikka Coffey Grain whisky is an exceptioanl tasty grain whiskey made with a cafe-type continuous still, which is rare to find in the world. Compared to general grain whiskey, the sweetness derived from the cafe-type still ingredients remains much more firmly. And the mellow finish of Nikka's blended whiskey can be also enhanced by the subtle sweetness of this cafe grain.

This whisky has a woody, vanilla, and cookie-like scent, together with also the light fragrance which is unique to cafe grain. The taste of the whisky is clearn with a light texture, plus also a vanilla with woody, and honey-like sweet taste.