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B&A Japanese Ponzu Sauce Set (2 items)

€24,00 EUR

This special Japanese sauce set introduces 2 of the most popular ponzu sauce from Japan.  Ponzu is one of most common sauces found in the Japanese cuisine. This sauce type could be also widely use in various recepies, to apply an unique flaver to your meal, and to enhance largely the taste of your dish.

This gift set includes:

- Yamachi Yuzu Ponzu 100ml x 1
- Yamachi Ume Plum Ponzu 100ml x 1
- Bows & Arrows Gift Bag Packing

This yuzu ponzu uses a special cedar barrel soy sauce, from the family tradition of the producer, and the squeezed juice of misho yuzu. The Japanese misho yuzu is known for its extremly long growing period, as the misho yuzu tree would normally take more than eighteen years to fully grow up, before producing its delicious fruits. Along with the sourness, the fragrance of Misho yuzu and the slight sweetness, from the cedar barrel soy sauce, would well spread in your mouth !

The ume plum ponzu is made also with the cedar barrel soy sauce, Kishu plum juice, and also the fragrant plum juice. Together with the refreshing acidity of plums, the special mellow flavor of the naturally brewed soy sauce, made from the whole soybeans, would provide a quite unique and delicious taste.

These yuzu and plum based ponzu could act as an healthy alternative for salad dressing, while avoid using salt and oil to enhance the flavor.

Also, the yuzu ponzu could be used directly as the sauce for meat dishes and fried food, as it will have a refreshing taste and you can enjoy it even when you have no appetite. The ume plum ponzu could be also used directly as the sauce to acoompany seafood and fish meals, while adding a natural sourness and a unique flaver from the plum fruit, into these dishes.