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AZMAYA Hinoki Cypress Wine Cooler

€275,00 EUR

Japanese wine cooler by Azmaya. Made from Hinoki Cedar wood from the north of Japan, which has anti-bacterial and anti insect and mold qualities. Hinoki wood is used for baths, hot springs, kitchen ware and anything involving water. The density of the wood is strong so it doesn't expand or shrink as other wood. The copper surrounding the wood additionally keeps everything in place as well as giving a beautiful accent to the object. 

We hope you enjoy your summer with this product to keep your wine or rose chilled!

  • Dimensions: φ18.6 x H23 cm
  • Material: Hinoki Wood with Copper
  • Weight: 535 g

Place of origin: Japan

Care instructions: 

To use: First rinse this in cold water and then dry and store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight. Occasionally the copper might loosen but this can be easily fixed. Please do not wash this in a dishwasher, with continue care and maintenance this product will last you for many years. Fill with water and ice and use as a wine cooler.