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AZMAYA Sekkai Cooking Pot - 2 sizes

€340,00 EUR


Nabe Hot Pot for slow cooked soups and Hot Pot shared meals. A very traditional cooking pot that will be found in every household in Japan. Made from clay that is glazed. Can be used directly on the stove. We recommend a gas stove for the table for the full experience. Muji has a wonderful one but you can find them at most Japanese supermarkets.

Hot pot is an especially nice way to spend time with family and friends. Very easy to prepare. Recipes are easy to find but it is generally so easy to prepare ... cut up vegetables, meat, fish, seafood, or whatever you like. At the end we put udon noodles in. Healthy and a nice way for everyone to dip in and choose what they want to eat. There are no rules with this and it is so nice to experiment with new ingredients and dips.

For care: Do not put in the dishwasher or soak in water overnight. Clean regularly after you are finished using and leave to dry. Store in a dry place. With proper care this pot will last you a lifetime. 
  • Dimension M: W303*L270*H155mm
  • Dimension L: W337*L300*H165mm

Medium size is recommended for 2 or 3 people. Large size is recommended for more guests. We always keep the pot on the heat so the amount of people doesn't matter so much because we just keep adding ingredients, hot water, and at the end after the soup stock has absorbed all the flavours, it is perfect with the noodles! 

Place of origin: Japan