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AZMAYA Kutani Round Dish/Teddy

€25,00 EUR

A pattern that looks charming, floating in a small smooth dish of white porcelain. A small dish made from the famous pottery of porcelain from the Edo period ·Kutani-yaki's small kiln uses the domestic stone that can be collected in Komatsu city, Ishikawa prefecture called Hanasaka potterite. The shape of the dish modeled on the old 5 - inch dish produced by Kutani.

And the reason for the pattern which was printed in the middle is because it is based on antique rubber stamps sold in French flea market. The pattern was first raised in a plaster mold, printed on the center of the dish prior to firing, and then a blue pigment, was poured into the recessed part and baked with a glaze.

  • Dimensions: φ11cm

  • Material: Porcelain

  • Microwave & dishwasher safe

Place of origin: Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan