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AZMAYA Iga Bowl Six Base

€60,00 EUR

Lime Clay
Black Candy

Tea cup for Daily use

Iga-ware uses clay and natural glazes local to the region which are extremely resistant to heat and reacts well to repeated firing. Iga clay offers an elevated level of hardness while the pebbles in the clay result in natural character and texture.

The “Kuroame” glaze is enriched with deep black hues and a glossy textured finish.

  • Size : 250ml  φ 7.0cm x H 7.6cm
  • Ref : AZKB33703

Place of Origin : Nigata, Japan

"Hexagonal hill" where a plump bowl sits on a cornered hexagonal pedestal. We would like to introduce the unique vessels made in Iga, where the tradition of earthen things is still alive.

Of course, the soil and glaze are from Iga. Skilled craftsmen carefully knead the smooth clay of high quality, smooth it, put it on a potter's wheel, and carefully mold it one by one.

Four kinds of glazes, black candy, lime, pine ash, and Shino, are applied and baked. In addition, for one thing, I drew a line inside and outside the bowl with blue pigment, Kuresu. The glaze is only on the bowl. The original look of the soil is alive on the pedestal, and you can enjoy the contrast of its taste. In addition, the texture of both the pedestal part and the bowl part changes over time as it is used, further enhancing its individuality. It can be said that it is a bowl that “grow”.

As a small bowl, you can hang over a dish or side dish. It is also good to serve snacks such as bean confectionery. If you like liquor, it's the size to drink. You can use it in various ways according to the situation.

Because it is a clay product, it needs to be sealed before using it for the first time. Put the bowl in a pot containing rice bran juice (You can also use white flour water instead of rice water) and boil for about 10 minutes to prevent dirt and odors from sticking. After washing, dry it well and store it in a well-ventilated place so that it will not stain or mold.

For light-coloured glaze, please immerse in water or lukewarm water before use. Colouring can be prevented to some extent.

Microwave safe however please do not wash it in the dishwasher.