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AZMAYA Tin Plated Copper Tea Canister

€160,00 EUR


The canister is beautifully hand made by skilled craftsman, Osamu Saruyama, in Japan. It is made from copper, and applied with a signature Japanese tin plated finishing technic. It is a beautiful object for tea storage at home. And this canister is also designed to have a perfect two-layer closure structure, to help keeping the tea air tight and fresh as always !

This series comes in 3 sizes: Small, Medium, Large and if there is a request, we can place an order for a request because we sell out the sizes quite fast, but please be patient because these are carefully handmade by craftsmen and they need time to make these beautiful objects !

Model designed by Tokyo-based designer, Osamu Saruyama

  • Small: Dia. 70 x H60mm
  • Medium: Dia. 80mm x 95mm
  • Large: Dia. 90 x H115mm
  • Material:  tin-plated, with protective wax coating

    Place of origin: Japan