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Ash tray for casting is made in Iwate Prefecture, where the southern iron tradition is famous for. Many factors are involved including the local soil, water, etc. It is small round but it has a heavy weight. Because the bottom is flat, it has very good stability. The interior is a deep bowl shape, it is difficult for ash to fly out, and it is in a shape that makes it easy to turn put out the cigarette fire. The deep matte black color is due to the oxide film baked in a high temperature kiln of 660 degrees. Furthermore, it is boiled in tea, and then a beeswax is put on the finish to create a natural gloss.
The circumference of the holder part is slightly tapered to keep your cigarettes firm.
It is hard to rust, while familiar with hands while using it, the texture peculiar to the cast comes out.
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Dimension: φ80*50mm
  • Weight: 900g
Place of Origin: Iwata Prefecture, Japan