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AZMAYA Obon Tray

€458,00 EUR


In Japanese, “Obon” is a term we used for festive occasions. This try is meant to bring these feelings of celebration.

Although brass is known as a material for a five-yen coin, recent research has revealed that the history has been old, that manufacturing has already started in the Heian period in Japan. Brass is easy to process with moderate hardness and also excellent for durability. 

The rise of the beautiful rim (edge) is the result of craftsmanship called "spatula". While fixing the metal plate to the mold, rotate it, it is a method to press it against the mold with a stick called "spatula". Skilled skills are required in various aspects, such as how to put the spatula angle and how much force is applied.

With use, the color is dulled due to oxidation and sulphidation, and it turns into a different shade. Especially for silver plated objects, a unique texture called "Atari" appears in the place where hands and vessels often touch. Your tray will age and this is part of the charm that we find beautiful in Japan.

 After use, wipe dry with a soft cloth. 

  • Large: φ290 x H20 (mm) 
  • Small: φ220 x H20 (mm) 
  • Color: Siver
Place of origin: Japan