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AYAME Sunglasses Hex-Av Clear/ Blue

€460,00 EUR

Seeking a sense of the times while studying classical music, Find the point of contact between universality and humor. Finding an answer to a contradiction can be difficult, but the skill of Japanese skilled craftsmen can support it !

"ayame" is a eyewear brand, manufactured in Japan and established in 2010.

The brand team continuously develops and manufactures quality products using the latest fashion designs for all ages. Ayame not only manufactures their own products but builds also high quality eyewear for other domestic Japanese as well as international companies.

Ayame strives for the highest quality, reliability, and best designs over all other eyewear manufacturers. In 2016 In Collaboration With "SWANS" Manufacturing, the collection has won also the Prestigious Award "Eyewear Of The Year".

Model: Hex-Av
Color: MWH Clear/Blue
Size measure: 4624