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100% Premium Naturally Forest Grown Shitake

€19,50 EUR

  • Truly rare and exceptional Shitake where anyone can taste the difference 
  • Grown in the best environmental conditions for Forest-grown Shiitake in Kyushu 
  • Won the Grand Prize for the Sustainable Award 2020 from the Japanese government MAFF
  • No chemicals or preservatives are used at any point in the entire process
  • Soak the dry shitake overnight and enjoy genuine Premium Shitake

The Shiitake is grown on natural sweet sap oak log in the forest. The growers use a 1,000-year-old Japanese approach to grow sustainable Sweet Sap Oak Tree Logs that are recognised in Japan as producing the best-tasting and textured Shiitake. Naturally, Forest-grown Shiitake has a distinct and deep flavour with an outstanding firm texture. Forest-grown Shiitake grows slowly when cold winds and natural sunlight quickly dried moisture provided by rain and fog. 

First the oak trees are cut (they are cared for and naturally regrow in a 15 year sustainable cycle). The cut wood is then let to "rest" in the forest for 4 years. After this the shitake spores are planted directly in the wood and grown in the forest. Where other shitake are started in warehouses with artificial light and water, Sugimoto Shitake is 100% Forest Grown. 

The Umami of Shiitake Powder triggers a harmony of natural favours. Shiitake powder brings out the best tastes, not by adding another flavour. 

 Please watch the video below to learn more about the shitake growing process.

The Vitamin D content in Shiitake are greatly enhanced by sunlight. Sun-dried Shiitake contain the most amount of Vitamin D of any other plant related foods. Our Shiitake are exposed by ultraviolet light in the factory so that we can further enhance and guarantee the amount of Vitamin D. In conclusion, Sugimoto Shiitake has the most Vitamin D content of any natural foods. 

How to rehydrate Shitake: The dried Shiitake will become 4x's heavier after rehydration. 

  1. Wash : Please wash with water lightly and scour dust of Shiitake.
  2. Put the shitake in a tupperware and  pour water into a container so that Shiitake is covered in water.
  3. Put the shitake in the fridge overnight. To make more UMAMI, less than 10°C, 5-24 hour need.
  4. Check the Stems the next day. Because a joint stem is the hardest part, please touch and check how rehydrated it is.

Now prepare the shitake: The stem of Shiitake has the richest Umami taste of the whole Shiitake mushroom. This is the most cost-effective way to boost the Umami of your cooking when you can remove the stems before serving. The stem is often used to prepare dashi and broths. Shitake Broth: Dried Shiitake soaking water (Shiitake Dashi) contains much Umami, Guanylate. It boosts the Umami of other ingredients. So it would be best if you used them without waste for cooking. The best quantity of Shiitake Dashi for your cooking is the following. Maybe less than you expected. If you feel the taste of Shiitake, it is too much.

Use the actual shitake for a variety of simmered meals and soups. Here are some recommended Shitake Recipes for you to try:

Shitake: 70g

Remarks: Due to custom restrictions on food related items, this product is currently unavailable for clients living in United States and Russia.


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