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Nähe - General Purpose Case A4 (8 Colours)

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Additional Info

  • Ref: DF085
  • Available colors: Gray, Ivory, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, Wine & Mint
  • Material: PVC
  • Size: W35 x H25 x D2.3 (cm)

A general-purpose case that contents are visible in the transparent PVC. Very comfortable because the ones you want to use out of the way immediately. A4 size is suitable for storage, such as a notebook and writing instruments of B6. It is becoming a compact when those for housing is small, excellent one that can respond to what is thick because the gusset. While putting such materials of the conference, we want to carry even notebook or laptop. Must-have item of such business users. On the back it is also useful to put a document to here because it contains a slit.

This product has been packaged in a state in which crushed the gusset width. For this reason there is a variation in the curvature of the edge portion.

By storing the state of the product is subject to deformation of the product occurs. Please try because the case is mild symptoms and get stored in a flat place for a while deformation is returned to its original state.
Please avoid the place to be in direct sunlight or high temperatures.