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Juttoku - Lotus Leaf Inko Incense

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Incense has been an important element of Japan’s way of life and culture for centuries. Ichimiya-Ku in Awaji island, situated in a fan shaped valley over flat land, produces 70 percent of all incense Made-in-Japan. 
INKO is a pressed incense that gives off a light fragrance even without burning. Best suited for indoor use, you can enjoy these light aromas without the anxiety of having an open flame by simply placing them in places such as your foyer or bedroom. Once the initial fragrance disappears, you can then get continued use out of the INKO as burned incense or as an aroma diffuser by dripping your favorite essential oil directly onto it.

Some of our INKO are designed to look like Japanese sweets to bring inspiration from each of the four seasons, while others are designed as various Japanese good luck charms with the hope of bringing good will and prosperity.

Instructions And Directions For Use:

  • Please be careful when handling fire
  • Please use a non-flammable incense stand
  • Make sure to keep our of children’s reach
  • Please do not use this for anything other than its original use
  • To keep its quality, avoid high temperatures and humidity for storage