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TIME & STYLE Modern Lifestyle

Time and style started out in 1990 as a merchant of furniture in Tokyo. Some of their biggest clients include prominent hotels, private residences and commissioned pieces in the capital and throughout Japan. They not only design furniture but also specialise in beautiful tableware and homeware products that are all handmade by craftsmen in Japan. 

The company continues to challenge the development of creating a living environment with values that enrich essential and universal living for the present and future. They produce “tools for life” that have been individually created by craftsmen using high quality materials, while fusing modern lifestyle with culture and tradition, as well as finding a sense of harmony and silence that are an essential part of Japanese culture. This can be felt in the delicate forms and materials that we find in their products.

It’s the union of Time and Style’s expertise in design, and knowing the right craftsmen who can bring everything together and produce a beautiful product. The main materials that are used are Porcelain, Ceramic, Stoneware, Wood, Lacquer ware, Glassware, and Cotton.

TIME & STYLE launched in 1990 as an interior design company with the original concept of fusing a modern lifestyle and Japanese culture and tradition. The first store opened in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo, in 1997 and was quite unique for Japan at the time as a comprehensive lifestyle store of about 660 square meters with furniture, home accessories, home linens, and ornamental plants, as well as a café and art gallery. Our goal was to create a place for people to gather and experience the affluence of life in a comfortable atmosphere and not be hung up by design and material values. We now manage four stores in Roppongi, Aoyama, Shinjuku, and Futakotamagawa in Tokyo and one store in Shanghai, China.

Our stores and showrooms reflect the aesthetic sense of modern Japan. From the way we display furniture and tools in a housing space to interior elements that enrich people’s lives, we express our sense of beauty through our products, our interior coordination of stores, and our services. Our interior design specialists will help realize the ideal living space through consultation and design. The Contract Design Department offers interior solutions for stores, offices, and commercial or public facilities. We provide comprehensive support for short- to long-term projects by visualising the space together with the client, architect, and designer from the beginning.

Our products are made one by one by experienced artisans in Japan with sophisticated skills unified by tradition and modernisation. The products are made in our factory, as well as subcontract factories across Japan, and each product is carefully constructed with the full attention of the artisans. We persist in domestic production since the artisans and manufacturers in Japan inherit the unique traditional culture and technology of each region. The products are made by artisans with a little help from machines. We believe that drawing out the beauty of handmade crafts is the pillar of our Japanese identity. The delicate finish delivers the warmth of materials directly through the five senses, which is beyond the ability of machines. Leaving traces of handwork and sensibility in the finish is the fundamental essence in creating global value from Japan.

By combining a modern lifestyle together with Japanese aesthetics and tradition of tension, harmony, sensibility, and simplicity, which have been deeply engraved on the hearts of the Japanese, we offer a beautiful time that leads to the future and an abundant lifestyle to the world.