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MocT Loop-wheeler Sweat-wear

Probably the Best sweat-wear brand in the world! The brand name stands for: mix / original / comfortable / technical.

MocT is a brand by Shin internal cotton co., Ltd, which has challenged and developed textiles which are considered difficult to blend dyed cotton and different materials, etc. Interweaving the challenging spirit inherited to the cultivated technology Interworking sense of Trust & Luxury. They aim to become the world's leading royal road brand offering continuity at a reasonable price and send new products to the world to lead people to a better quality of life. Various threads and textiles were born in the course of "GR 7" becoming standard.

The combination has infinite possibilities "mocT" freely chooses threads separately to create completely new standards It is cultivated in 130 years. To sublime technology and experience to a new "comfortable " is the role of "mocT" to propose utility items.

GR7 Explained

Birth of the first domestic yarn in domestic production 50 Years named "GR 7". has long been loved as a gray standard in Japan

Various brands have been made in different forms and to everyone The "GR 7" that arrived will be born as a new brand under the name of "mocT" at this time. They aim to become a brand that brings together the cultivated technology and reaches the middle of the heart of people to wear everyday.

About Japanese Loop Wheeling:

All the essential “mocT” collections are made from the premium quality of yarns, which are produced only by the Japanese traditional loop wheel machines from 50's.

These loop wheel knitting machines are used to be the main machine types in the Japanese market, back in 1960, for the making of yarns. But due to the key drawback from their rotation speed and the efficiency, these traditional machines types were soon replaced by the new generation ones.

Although these traditional loop wheel machines are much slower compared to the newly developed types, the outstanding quality that they could provide for the making of yarns is wonderful. 

The traditional loop wheel machines could knit only one meter of fabric in an hour, which was 10 to 20 times slower, compared to the new generation machines. However, the much lower rotation speed, allows a full trace on the spinning process, which greatly ensures a near-perfect quality control during the whole manufacturing procedure of the yarn fabrics. And most importantly, this natural structure minimizes all the possible tensions from pulling, applied onto the thread while rotating, and it ensures also a full and smooth immersion of air into the cotton on the way, in order to obtain a final warm and soft texture for the fabric.

As a result, through these traditional Japanese loop wheel machines, the original softness of cotton could be greatly maintained during the entire knitting process, undoubtedly way beyond the measure while in comparison to what the modern knitting machine types could ever provide.