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KUNISAWA Notebooks

Paper brand Kunisawa has a motto,“ I do not seek, I find.”

In Japan, we have a long history with paper. From the old days washi (paper) for calligraphy, shoji paper doors, paintings, to more modern times of notebooks. Our ink and paper must be perfect. Poets, architects, designers, office workers, and students, pretty much everyone expects a level of perfection when it comes to paper meets pen or brush. In Japanese we say, "Atarimae", which means, "of course"!

Kunisawa paper company stands with this tradition.

Based on the founders family, Shimbashi Kawachiya, who continues to create all expressions made with paper and ink, including special printing / processing & letterpress printing. Since it's founding in 1971, it has shaped inspiration with creative clients including advertising agencies, graphic designers, photographers, and artists.

In 2017 they launched a high quality notebook, pursuing the texture of paper. Copper cashmere processing which makes it durable for a long time. The shape is inspired by our history with paper that reminds us of the fragrance of ink with a silky touch. Shimbashi's craftsmanship hopes to bring their history and craftsmanship that is affordable for everyone.

British writer Conan Doyle published, in the 19th century a mystery novel, "Sherlock Holmes series", the British "Furusukapu" paper often appears. This is said to be the roots of "false paper". To explain this better, detectives like Sherlock Holmes can tell the difference between properly made paper and 

The false paper is not made for printing, it is made into paper of very high quality made to write to the last, and it is made more carefully than the quality paper which is generally considered good, and it is made by carefully making it. 

Everyone is familiar with "Watermarked University Note" and "Letter Set" and it is used as the only high-class writing-specific paper in Japan.

The final process is applying the ceiling process, which not only adds a high-class feeling, but also makes the notebook last for a long time. It prevents discoloration and shrinkage of the paper and enables long-term preservation.